Dirty Illiterate Youth began in September, 2007, from doodles Phyll did at work, and decided he wanted to use the characters in a comic.  He called his friend Cory to help write strips for it.  It was three panels of whatever came to their sick young minds.


First Strip of Dirty Illiterate Youth v1.0

The first version was not long lasting, only seven strips were created.  Interest waned, and it went on an indefinite hiatus.

In October, 2008, DIY relaunched with completely revamped art and characters, along with colour.  It retained little of the original version but it’s name and it’s authors.  It marked the beginning of Cory and Phyll using comic analogs of themselves as characters in the comic.  It’s longevity was even shorter, six strips created.  Once again, it slipped into hiatus, something to work on some other time.

First Strip of DIY v2.0

First Strip of DIY v2.0

In November, 2009, Phyll decided to restart the comic, laying down basic character designs, plot elements, and other concepts.  He called Cory and thanked him for agreeing to write for it, without ever really asking.  Phyll found new hosting for the site, got it set up(with some help), and settled down to begin drawing Dirty Illiterate Youth v3.0

Now, in March 2011, Phyll and Cory are at it again despite the failure of v3.0 and such.  This history will be further filled out within the next couple weeks.


Cory McFall

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Phyll Brown

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